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Real Mahjong – The Strategy of the Real Game

The amount of people who are interested in real-time multiplayer games is gradually decreasing. There was a time when board and puzzle games were a favorite time pass for families; especially during the holidays or on weekends. However, the advent of the internet, online games, smartphone applications and the general busy schedules have forced people to lose interest in traditional board and puzzle games. When it comes to Mahjong, many people would say they know about the game. However, knowing about that solitaire version which requires you to match tiles is totally different the real Mahjong. People who have...

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Real Mahjong vs. Solitaire Mahjong

If you think playing the solitaire version of Mahjong is fun, then you must get to know about the real Mahjong. It is much more fun with a multi-player environment and not based on just simply matching the tiles. The real Mahjong is based on a draw and discards system and involves a skill for strategic thinking. A Brief History of the Game Mahjong has strong roots in early Chinese history. Later on, it became a part of Asian culture and is still supported as an important game and tradition by many Chinese nationals. Explaining Mahjong Mahjong is basically...

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