Author: Aria

The Interesting History of Mahjong

Many of us know Mahjong as the easy to play online tile matching game. The game is available on many online gaming platforms plus in downloadable versions on both the iOS and Android platforms. However, what many of us don’t know that the original and traditional version of the game is much different and much more thrilling than the solitaire version. Most individuals from China would probably feel offended by the solitaire version. Real Mahjong The real Mahjong is an important part of the Chinese culture and is much more thrilling than the solitaire version. Free of any options like...

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Importance of Mahjong in the Chinese Culture

Many people, especially including those who are a constant part of the online gaming community, know Mahjong as the simple tile eliminating and matching solitaire game. On the other hand, a Chinese national will probably think you are stupid to play that online version. The real Mahjong has deep roots in the Chinese culture. The game is a key aspect for socializing. Chinese don’t only consider the game a healthy way to pass time but believe it to be a great exercise for the human brain. The reason is the strategic thinking involved in playing the real multi-player version...

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