The amount of people who are interested in real-time multiplayer games is gradually decreasing. There was a time when board and puzzle games were a favorite time pass for families; especially during the holidays or on weekends. However, the advent of the internet, online games, smartphone applications and the general busy schedules have forced people to lose interest in traditional board and puzzle games.

When it comes to Mahjong, many people would say they know about the game. However, knowing about that solitaire version which requires you to match tiles is totally different the real Mahjong. People who have been playing the real version of the game will actually be really frustrated to know that others compare the two versions.

There is much more fun to playing the multi-player, discard and draw card based version of Mahjong than the solitaire version.

Strategy of the Real Mahjong

The foundation of the real Mahjong is based on the draw and discards system. You are initially dealt a hand of 13 tiles. You are supposed to complete a winning hand of 14 tiles. This is accomplished by adding the 14th tile either by personal draw or a discard from the opponent player.

Pungs and Chows

The game requires the player to create a meld of tiles for getting a winning hand. There are two types of meld. The player creates a meld of three tiles which is a set of three called a pung and a sequence of three called a chow. A player can only win a game when they have four melds and a pair of similar tiles.

Rules of the Game

Every game is played following certain rules and the multiplayer Mahjong is no different. You can get a tile for your pung from any of the opponent players but for chow, you must only accept a tile from the player son your left. Perhaps, this is what makes real multiplayer Mahjong more fun than the solitaire version. The other rule is that whenever you are accepting a tile from another player, you must reveal your tiles in the pung or chow facing upwards. Yu can keep your tiles hidden if you have drawn the tile.

The Skill

Winning a game of Mahjong greatly depends on what tiles your opponents have. You are supposed to keep your hand hidden in order to get the advantage of other players helping you. Moreover, you must be able to guess the hand of your opponent to discard the right tile. The game is very much about balance.

Trick of the Game

Real Mahjong takes experience and skill to win. The player must be able to know when to show aggressiveness and take calculated risks. The player must also be able to identify when to play in a defensive manner but still be able to get the winning hand.

Real Mahjong is much more exciting and thrilling than the easy solitaire version. A newbie will require time to learn but it is still fun.