If you think playing the solitaire version of Mahjong is fun, then you must get to know about the real Mahjong. It is much more fun with a multi-player environment and not based on just simply matching the tiles. The real Mahjong is based on a draw and discards system and involves a skill for strategic thinking.

A Brief History of the Game

Mahjong has strong roots in early Chinese history. Later on, it became a part of Asian culture and is still supported as an important game and tradition by many Chinese nationals.

Explaining Mahjong

Mahjong is basically a game of chance. The players are initially dealt with a hand of 13 tiles and they have to complete a hand of 14 tiles. The winning combination is supposed to be completed before other players. There are two types of combinations namely the pungs and chows.

Strategic Thinking

Playing the tile matching tile version online does not even come near the tactics of real Mahjong. In the multi-player version, players have to make many strategic manoeuvres. It is all about creating a balance between taking calculated risks and playing aggressively. Half of the game depends on your luck with the drawing of the tile. The other half depends on how skilled you are at guessing the tiles your opponents have. You must possess the skill of discarding and drawing in a way that the opponents can create a winning hand before you.

Playing with Multiple Opponents

The solitaire version is you playing the game in a single player environment. While the matching of the tiles is pretty easy, it is not as thrilling as playing with more than one opponent. Trying to guess what tiles your opponent has and keeping track of your own at the same time makes the real, multi-player version much more mind stimulating.

Playing the Real Mahjong

The solitaire version of Mahjong is widely present on online gaming websites. It has gained more popularity due to the advent of smartphone applications. The solitaire version is available through multiple applications available for both iOS and Android platforms.

However, if you ever ask a Chinese or other nationals who consider Mahjong as a great tradition, they will never approve of this widely played solitaire version. Mahjong is considered a vital element of socialising among Asian cultures; especially Chinese culture.

The online solitaire version eliminates the challenging part of the game by providing options such as hints, undo and shuffle. Real Mahjong allows you to push your mind and discover your own potential for strategic decision making. Many people who avidly play the game admit that it has helped them in decision making for real life.

The traditional version of Mahjong has now been extended to have many more versions. For example, the game may vary in number of tiles and certain rules in the Japanese version.

No matter how popular the solitaire version becomes among the online gaming community, the true essence of the game will always stay alive in the traditional Chinese version.